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 “Helping heroes takes battlefield experience to the business world”

Helping heroes takes battlefield experience to the business world

Scarlet’s Goal: Reduce Violence

“Clayton company finalist in SBA business competition”

“Tarheel of the Week: CJ Scarlet works to curb violence against women”

“Jewelry will pack crime-fighting punch”

Marine Turned Entrepreneur Uses Technology to Reduce Violence



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Interview topic ideas:

  • The #1 Reason Women Are Targeted by Predators (hint: you learned it from your mother!)
  • Top 10 Tips for Outwitting Predators
  • How Predators Select and Groom Their Victims
  • How to Avoid Being Victimized by Out-Thinking and Out-Talking Predators
  • How to Unleash Your Inner Badass and Fight (Dirty) if You Must (with no martial arts or self-defense training!)
  • The 5 Ways Crime Victims Respond During an Assault
  • The #1 Date Rape Drug (it’s not what you think!)
  • 5 Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators in the Workplace
  • Common Rape Myths and Facts
  • Reviews of the top self-defense products for women and girls
  • Reviews of the top GPS products for children
  • Thriving After Surviving a Victimization (e.g., sexual assault, military sexual trauma)
  • CJ’s personal story of how she survived being raped as a college freshman and went on to become internationally known as an expert in criminal justice and victim advocacy issues.


CJ Scarlet’s Bio

CJ Scarlet was 19, a freshman in college, when she was raped by a sheriff’s deputy she had just started dating. In 1980 there was no word for date rape, so she blamed herself for “tempting him” by entering his apartment. Four months later, CJ was sexually assaulted by her Marine Corps recruiter, who took advantage of his position of authority.

For a decade CJ grappled with the trauma of these events. She had already survived childhood sexual abuse, so these latest assaults manifested an even deeper level of shame and self-loathing. She came to accept that she must have a big “V” tattooed on her forehead that announced to every predator within a mile that she was an ideal victim.

Eventually, CJ found healing through therapy and self-help books, and somewhere along the way she came to love and forgive herself and her assailants. But the real turning point came when she grew tired of the trauma owning her life.

CJ took her power back and became an advocate for others who had been victimized. She served on the board of the local rape crisis center and took the helm as executive director of a child advocacy center, both while working to complete her master’s degree in human violence. She then served for three years as Director of Victims Issues for the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, where she implemented the first statewide automated victim notification system that notifies survivors before their perpetrators are released from custody.
Yet, after nearly three decades as a victim advocate, CJ grew tired of dealing with crime and violence after they occurred. she knew that if things continue as they are, the work will never end. She realized that to create genuine change, she needed to address the source of the problem. So, CJ chose to focus her efforts on thwarting predators and keeping people from being victimized at all.

But the dark secrets CJ held and the stress they caused led her to develop two life-threatening autoimmune conditions that, in 2002, left her fighting for her life. By 2004, she was so debilitated, she had to crawl on her hands and knees to get upstairs, and she couldn’t lift a cup of coffee or hold a hairbrush. She became very depressed and anxious about her impending heart failure.

Then CJ was offered the chance to meet privately with a Tibetan Buddhist lama who commanded her to “stop feeling sorry for herself and start thinking of the happiness of other people.” Daunted but determined, CJ began performing small acts of kindness—letting the mom with the crying baby go ahead of her in line, giving her cane to a woman who was struggling to walk and volunteering at the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina. These simple, free acts made her feel a bit happier, so she did more, and the more she did the better she felt, until she reached a point where her heart was so full it no longer mattered whether she was sick or ill, or even living or dying—she was filled with gratitude for each moment.

At that point, her condition went into remission! Today, CJ feels better than ever.
CJ decided to use the life lessons she had learned, along with her knowledge of victims’ issues, to address violence and crime on a global level. This led her to write a self-empowerment book for women and girls entitled The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators.

Filled with critical information about how to empower yourself to keep from becoming a crime statistic, this definitive, comprehensive guide contains facts and strategies not found in other personal security books. From tips on how to “fail” the predator interview and avoid being targeted, to instructions on using your personal bodily “weapons” to defend yourself in a confrontation, CJ Scarlet offers everything you need to know to stay safe, fight if you must and navigate the criminal justice process if the worst happens.

CJ holds a B.A. in Political Science from Virginia Wesleyan College, and an interdisciplinary M.A. in Humanities with an emphasis on Human Violence and graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from Old Dominion University.

The former roller-skating car hop, U.S. Marine and forest firefighter is an award-winning writer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She has given presentations and workshops at national and international events, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including MSNBC and NPR. CJ has also been named one of the “Happy 100” people on the planet, and is featured in the bestselling books, Happy for No Reason and Be Invincible. 

Book Description:

The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators

The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators is the one book criminal predators don’t want you to read. Filled with critical information about how to empower yourself to keep from becoming a crime statistic, this definitive, comprehensive guide contains facts and strategies not found in other personal security books.

From tips on how to “fail” the predator interview and avoid being targeted, to instructions on using your personal bodily “weapons” to defend yourself in a confrontation, CJ Scarlet offers everything you need to know to stay safe, fight if you must and navigate the criminal justice process if the worst happens.

If you read just one book on personal safety and self-defense in your lifetime, The Badass Girl’s Guide is the one for you!

Target readers:

  • Women of all ages
  • Girls age 13 and above
  • College students
  • Victim advocates
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Title IX coordinators

Where to purchase The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators:

Now available on Amazon! Click here

Praise for The Badass Girl’s Guide:

“I’m reading my own copy now-and just ordered one for each of my nieces in college. Setting and knowing your boundaries–trusting your intuition-protecting yourself and feeling completely solid within–ALL so essential to LIVING–but not many of us are taught. We’re just not equipped.

Sheltering children from even hearing about certain dangers–and dangerous people–they’re left so vulnerable and completely unprepared. CJ will be pivotal in changing all of this!

“In our personal and professional lives–EVERYONE who reads this will benefit-men and women–young and old. I believe this book is for everybody. Her life experience and professional background–her honesty and courage–are a gift to everyone who reads her book. You can feel how important this is for her to share–that she empowers others to be stronger. I’m blown away.”

Cynthia R. Schuster

“Every woman and man should read this book. CJ uses her stories of abuse and harassment to educate her readers on how they can save themselves or prevent abusive situations from occurring. She does not feel sorry for herself, nor is her story the main theme, rather a way to give her credibility. She is real, honest, and very practical. I had the honor and pleasure of sitting down with her and was worried her book wouldn’t live up to the person I met. I could not have been more wrong. CJ Scarlet is a powerhouse and force to be reckoned with.”

Marcey Rader

A Must Read — It Could be a Lifesaver

“CJ Scarlet has given a gift to her readers and their loved ones. In this tightly and well-written guide, she raises the awareness of readers to the dangers of their contexts and what to do about it. With just the right tone, Scarlet shares real-life threats and real-life practical initiatives and responses that people can take. This book covers all the bases to give readers a head’s up and an edge against predators they may face. She draws on a wide spectrum of resources and experience to write a substantive book that confronts readers’ misinformation, faulty internal scripts, naivete and ruts that victims may be stuck in.

“This is The Badass Girl’s Guide, and I think it is a must-read for girls. For girls under ten, it might be something that parents read and then convey the highlights to the girls until they are more mature; however, I think this is important information for girls to get asap. I also think boys and men should read this, especially boys who themselves are often targets of predators. Men can learn a lot here about how to interact with women and how to train up their daughters and to help their wives to stay safe. Scarlet shares plenty of information that is generally helpful to all genders of readers on staying safe and reacting smartly to threats.

“I’m fairly sure that most readers will have a response similar to mine after completing this book and that is that you want many people you know to read it immediately.

“I was so impressed with Ms. Scarlet that I initiated an effort to bring her to our town for a speaking event for our community to learn from her. That is the kind of impact she has.

Craig Stephans

A Tremendously Powerful Book Promoting Pro-Active Steps to Survival

Badass Girl’s is a tremendously helpful book! It is full of ideas and observations that are valuable to women so that we may avoid becoming victims of violent crime. CJ’s opening up about her experiences and the guilt and shame she had to overcome make this book even more valid adding a human touch and putting a face on sexual crime against women. I highly recommend this book. I think it should become required reading in college courses and perhaps even high school as it may help ladies to avoid becoming trapped in compromising situations.”

Shirley J. Davis

“This is a book all women should read. CJ shares her very personal story and so many great strategies to handle predators and not become a crime statistic. Don’t let yourself become a target!”


Self-awareness equals self-empowerment!

“In this important, must-read guide, CJ Scarlet weaves personal testimonies with pragmatic advice, and delivers a kickass, “Badass” punch to predators!”

Tracy Crow

“In the past, it was not uncommon to hear statements like, “If you don’t want to be sexually assaulted, make sure you dress well. Don’t wear short skirts or dresses with plunging necklines and don’t flirt with men,” etcetera. Two things happened, however, to put paid to that line of reasoning.

First, research based on available data revealed that sexual assault was not limited to women who dressed provocatively or engaged in flirtatious behaviour. Conservative women also reported cases of sexual assault.

Second, women’s rights groups insisted on the right of women to dress as they pleased without fear of molestation, and the onus fell on men to keep their hands,[if not their eyes] to themselves.

This point has been a bone of contention in many sexual assault cases. Does a woman’s choice of outfit or social behaviour determine if she gets assaulted or not? Assuming it does, why are there cases of sexual assault even in places where women wear burqas?

 These are tough questions indeed, but whatever the case may be, this week’s book by CJ Scarlet titled The Badass Girl’s Guide; Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators, contains practical tips for outwitting sexual predators.

In this guidebook, CJ discusses myths and facts about sexual assault and describes the types of predators. She also highlights five possible responses to sexual assault; Freeze, Fawn, Comply, Flee or Fight and is careful to point out how each can be used to advantage.

Reading this book for me was like inhaling fresh air; in fact at a point I found myself exhaling. At last! Here’s someone who is real and not idealistic. No locker room advice is given here [‘carry pepper spray in your bag at all times’], rather, readers are treated to sound advice such as the role of intuition and situational awareness in preventing sexual assault, as well as tips for outsmarting a would-be predator.

I recommend this book to all women; it is worth having and worth keeping.”

Lauretta Ani

“The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators is a self-help book teaching the reader how to deal with uncomfortable situations such as out thinking and out playing a criminal predator. It covers ways to navigate the criminal justice system and how to deal with trauma, after being victimized.

The moment I began reading this book, it reminded me of the Cleveland Victims and how their predator had abducted them, keeping them trapped in his home over 10 years before one of them managed to escape, saving the rest.

I believe as a woman, or even as a human being, knowing what to do or not to do in certain hostile cases, it is very beneficial to have read this book. Of course, not every situation and circumstance can prepare you for what could happen but at least knowing the basics of certain aspects may actually save your life. For that reason, I believe this book was very useful and is much needed.

The literature was easy to understand, and the subject matters were divided into an organized format in order to make it easy to follow through. I particularly enjoyed the part where the author teaches you how to confront a predator. Sometimes, in such situations, the brain just freezes and knowing from all the interviews and books I have read on such victims, everything learned is quickly forgotten. Therefore, let’s hope that none of us have to go through this regardless of what we do know or wish to learn.

I recommend this book to people of all ages.”

Jeyran Main

“I think this book is a great book about empowerment. I enjoyed reading and learned a few things about protecting myself. I think anyone should read this book and see if you learn something new as well.  It is never too late to learn more on protection. 5/5 Stars”


“I wish this book had been around when I was in college. Back then we didn’t understand ‘date rape’ and truly thought we were ‘asking for it’ if we were assaulted. The concept of fighting back was foreign to us. This well-written book is extremely comprehensive, and dishes out good, solid advice on how to deal with a sexual predator. I especially like the part about channeling your inner Tasmanian Devil! Although I’m no longer a young woman, as a recent divorcee back in the dating world, you can bet I’ll keep these tips in mind when I go on a date!”

Susan Conley

“CJ Scarlet’s Badass Girl’s Guide is the best book I’ve ever read on the topic of self-empowerment and self-defense for women and girls. I especially took to heart CJ’s suggestion of calling 911 and starting to describe what the predator looks like in the event of an imminent attack. This book helped me understand the minds and behaviors of predators in order to thwart their efforts to victimize others. I loved CJ’s instructions to ‘summon your inner Tasmanian Devil’ to physically fight off an attacker and now feel more confident in my ability to do so. Filled with stories and examples of how others survived assaults, this book is a quick and interesting read. I plan to protect my loved ones by buying them copies to help keep them safer as well.”

Mary Cantando, Founder of The Woman’s Advantage®

“Extremely readable, eye-opening and informative, The Badass Girls’ Guide to Unleashing Your Power is written from the heart and offers valuable information for everyone. This important book should be required reading for ALL young women. Author CJ Scarlet candidly shares stories and examples from her own fascinating life. She clearly knows what she’s talking about and she’s brave enough to share it!”

Lyn Jackson, CEO, Every Story Media

“In The Badass Girl’s Guide, CJ Scarlet shares her story and wisdom with courage and a bit of irreverence. I learned so much from this book that will guide me going forward, and I feel much more confident about my ability to protect myself from predators. The book is very well-written and an easy read. Whether or not you think you’re a likely target for predators, you NEED to read this book!”

Kathy Booth

CJ Scarlet delves into the mind of a perpetrator, shows us what and how to use our intuition to thwart potential attacks, and provides insight and common sense tactics in using the physical deterrents we were born with so we can ACT when needed. Exposing myths, giving us steps to take after an assault, and explaining how to use the justice system wisely, are invaluable tools for parents and anyone wanting to avoid being a victim.”

Ann Jagger, International Author, Screenwriter, Film Producer


Also by CJ Scarlet:

Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean

When Dylan, an average wave of middling ability, realizes he is about to crash on the shore, he is terrified and miserable. But when he encounters a magnificent wave named Serena, Dylan learns that he is not separate and alone, but One with every wave and every creature in the ocean. In fact, Dylan learns that he is the ocean itself. In the process, he discovers that courage is found in the eye of the storm, that the limitless abundance of the universe is always within our grasp, that it is through focusing on the happiness of others that one’s own happiness is achieved, that we truly do possess the power to make our dreams come true, and that although we appear to be separate from one another, we are collective drops that together form the same vast ocean. The book is sprinkled with colorful sea creature characters that help illuminate and reinforce the lessons Dylan learns on his voyage of the spirit. Abounding with thoughtful ideas for readers to consider and apply directly to their lives, this profound and fun allegorical tale will leave readers touched and inspired, as they travel with Dylan on the greatest journey of his life. Neptune’s Gift is perfect for children of all ages and their parents who want to expose them to some of life’s most important lessons about managing fear, riding out the storms of life and finding genuine happiness.

Blurbs about Neptune’s Gift:

“Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean is a short story about Dylan, a wave who is afraid of crashing the shore. His anxiety and fear overtake his ability to realize that he is the ocean and it is only by meeting a much larger wave does he come to such an understanding.

I believe using allegories in order to convey a message is a brilliant and compelling move. In this case, the author uses such a tale to teach readers how to deal with their own storms and waves, in their lives. It induces purpose and gratitude for what you have and demonstrates the ability to identify the core strength within, which we hold.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I found it to be very inspirational. It was thought-provoking and at the same calming to follow the story like tale and to learn something at the same time. The author has a soothing literary skill that demonstrates care and love in her writing. I particularly relished the part where the laws of nature were combined and compared with humanity.

I highly recommend this book and believe that this author has great potential in creating remarkable work.”

Jeyran Main

“Neptune’s Gift is a wonderful allegorical tale about the true purpose and deeper meaning of life—a Jonathan Livingston Seagull for the new century.” Jack Canfield, co-author of The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Neptune’s Gift… is a wonderfully crafted sea tale that swirls together the laws of nature and humanity into a glorious sea of compassion and tolerance that is so often tested when difficulties arise. It is a thought provoking, magical tale that tickled my inner child with its innocence and grace.” Diane C.

Target readers:

  • Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean:
    • Children of all ages will love the colorful sea creatures who share Dylan’s journey and impart important life lessons.
    • Parents who want to expose their children to real-world lessons for finding balance and happiness.
    • Spiritual seekers
    • Those facing life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

Where to purchase Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean:

To order Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean by CJ Scarlet, visit or click here. 


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