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CJ Scarlet’s Bio

CJ Scarlet knows first-hand how violence can destroy lives. A survivor of rape as a college freshman, CJ spent years dealing with the emotional aftermath of her experience. After seeking help and working through the trauma, she became an advocate for others who had been victimized, volunteering on the boards of rape crisis and domestic violence agencies, running a child advocacy center, and working as Director of Victims Issues for the NC Attorney General’s Office, where she became an international expert on crime victim rights.

In the next 12 weeks, a time referred to as the “Red Zone,” over 300,000 college freshmen will be raped. CJ refuses to accept this horrifying statistic as an unfortunate and unavoidable fact. So she’s going to do something about it.

In August, CJ launched Operation Dragnet to encourage returning college students and graduates who were victims of sex assault in prior semesters to enter information about their cases into a secure mobile app called Evidence Vault. In a matter of minutes, people can anonymously enter identifying information about their assailants via the user-friendly app, which was created by Harvard alumni and students. Evidence Vault continually scans cases to identify patterns and matching data. As more victims come forward, the likelihood of a match increases. When a match is made, the system notifies the survivors and asks if they will talk with law enforcement investigators about the case.

According to, the average rapist commits 6 assaults before being caught. Most survivors know their attacker, but 80 percent never report their assaults, for a number of reasons CJ can explain during an interview. Currently, less than 1 percent of rape cases result in a conviction. This is unacceptable. Knowing other witnesses have come forward will make criminal cases stronger and encourage more victims to testify. The campaign goal is to increase that number by over 300% in one year.

CJ is no stranger to using technology to help crime victims. In 1997, while serving as Director of Victims Issues with the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, she initiated and co-chaired the implementation of the nation’s first statewide automated victim notification system, using computer-telephony integration, which contacts victims when their perpetrators are to be released from custody. This program was selected as a national model by the U.S. Department of Justice, and is still helping protect survivors of crime 19 years later.

An expert in criminal justice and victim advocacy, CJ has given speeches and workshops at national and international events; and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. She is also the author of two books: Navigating the Hunting Ground: What Campus Rapists Don’t Want You to Know and Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean, available on

CJ holds a B.A. in Political Science from Virginia Wesleyan College, and an interdisciplinary M.A. in Humanities with an emphasis on Human Violence and graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from Old Dominion University.

Named one of the “Happy 100” people on the planet, CJ’s story is featured in several books, including Happy for No Reason and Be Invincible. 

Book Description:

NavigatingtheHuntingGround_150x178pxNavigating the Hunting Ground: What Campus Rapists Don’t Want You to Know

In the first 12 weeks of the fall semester each year, more than 300,000 students are sexually assaulted, many of them freshmen. Navigating the Hunting Ground teaches readers how to avoid victimization by “failing the predator interview” and learning what predators don’t want them to know. This step-by-step guide also walks readers through the criminal justice process—from making the police report to going through the criminal trial to suing the offender in civil court. Readers will come away with real-life skills to help keep them from being victimized, and with knowledge about what to expect from the criminal justice system if they are assaulted. Navigating the Hunting Ground was written primarily for college students, but it also is a guide for parents and anyone who knows a victim of sexual assault.

Blurbs about Navigating the Hunting Ground:

Coming soon.

Target readers:

  • Navigating the Hunting Ground: What Campus Rapists Don’t Want You to Know:
    • College students
    • Victim advocates
    • Law enforcement officers
    • Title IX coordinators

Where to purchase Navigating the Hunting Ground: What Campus Rapists Don’t Want You to Know:

Link coming soon.

image002Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean

When Dylan, an average wave of middling ability, realizes he is about to crash on the shore, he is terrified and miserable. But when he encounters a magnificent wave named Serena, Dylan learns that he is not separate and alone, but One with every wave and every creature in the ocean. In fact, Dylan learns that he is the ocean itself. In the process, he discovers that courage is found in the eye of the storm, that the limitless abundance of the universe is always within our grasp, that it is through focusing on the happiness of others that one’s own happiness is achieved, that we truly do possess the power to make our dreams come true, and that although we appear to be separate from one another, we are collective drops that together form the same vast ocean. The book is sprinkled with colorful sea creature characters that help illuminate and reinforce the lessons Dylan learns on his voyage of the spirit. Abounding with thoughtful ideas for readers to consider and apply directly to their lives, this profound and fun allegorical tale will leave readers touched and inspired, as they travel with Dylan on the greatest journey of his life. Neptune’s Gift is perfect for children of all ages and their parents who want to expose them to some of life’s most important lessons about managing fear, riding out the storms of life and finding genuine happiness.

Blurbs about Neptune’s Gift:

“Neptune’s Gift is a wonderful allegorical tale about the true purpose and deeper meaning of life—a Jonathan Livingston Seagull for the new century.” Jack Canfield, co-author of The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Neptune’s Gift… is a wonderfully crafted sea tale that swirls together the laws of nature and humanity into a glorious sea of compassion and tolerance that is so often tested when difficulties arise. It is a thought provoking, magical tale that tickled my inner child with its innocence and grace.” Diane C.

Target readers:

  • Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean:
    • Children of all ages will love the colorful sea creatures who share Dylan’s journey and impart important life lessons.
    • Parents who want to expose their children to real-world lessons for finding balance and happiness.
    • Spiritual seekers

Where to purchase Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean:

To order Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean by CJ Scarlet, visit or click here.


Interview topic ideas:

  • Operation Dragnet and Evidence Vault’s efforts to dramatically decrease the number of incoming college students who might be raped in the first semester of the school year, while convicting more predators for their crimes.
  • CJ’s personal story of how she survived being raped as a college freshman and went on to become internationally known as an expert in criminal justice and victim advocacy issues.
  • CJ’s story of how she overcame a terminal illness by performing acts of kindness and generosity toward others,
  • Issues facing women in the military, including military sexual trauma.

News pegs:

  • Sexual assaults on campus
  • How Operation Dragnet and Evidence Vault will reduce violent crimes and hold perpetrators accountable
  • Military sexual trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder acquired as a result of childhood abuse and adult sexual assault
  • Victim advocacy and issues
  • Healing the body, heart and mind by performing acts of kindness

Contact information:

Tel: 800-611-3161
Twitter: @cjscarlet

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