Navigating the Hunting Ground: What Campus Rapists Don’t Want You to Know


In the first 12 weeks of the fall semester each year, more than 300,000 students are sexually assaulted, many of them freshmen. Navigating the Hunting Ground teaches readers how to avoid victimization by “failing the predator interview” and learning what predators don’t want them to know. This step-by-step guide also walks readers through the criminal justice process—from making the police report to going through the criminal trial to suing the offender in civil court. Readers will come away with real-life skills to help keep them from being victimized, and with knowledge about what to expect from the criminal justice system if they are assaulted. Navigating the Hunting Ground was written primarily for college students, but it also is a guide for parents and anyone who knows a victim of sexual assault.

Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean

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When Dylan, an average wave of middling ability, realizes he is about to crash on the shore, he is terrified and miserable. But when he encounters a magnificent wave named Serena, Dylan learns that he is not separate and alone, but One with every wave and every creature in the ocean. In fact, Dylan learns that he is the ocean itself. In the process, he discovers that courage is found in the eye of the storm, that the limitless abundance of the universe is always within our grasp, that it is through focusing on the happiness of others that one’s own happiness is achieved, that we truly do possess the power to make our dreams come true, and that although we appear to be separate from one another, we are collective drops that together form the same vast ocean. The book is sprinkled with colorful sea creature characters that help illuminate and reinforce the lessons Dylan learns on his voyage of the spirit. Abounding with thoughtful ideas for readers to consider and apply directly to their lives, this profound and fun allegorical tale will leave readers touched and inspired, as they travel with Dylan on the greatest journey of his life. Neptune’s Gift is perfect for children of all ages and their parents who want to expose them to some of life’s most important lessons about managing fear, riding out the storms of life and finding genuine happiness.